All About Butterfly Valve

SS Butterfly valve

SS Butterfly valve

SS Butterfly valve is a valve used to regulate water. They are constructed of a plate or a circular disc built with a stem in the middle or attached offset. When the disc is open it pivots 90 degrees inside the valve bore creating the path for the water to flow.

The major advantage of DI Butterfly valve is that they are extremely light in weight, easy to install and comparatively compact in structure and size. The compact design of these valves makes them reasonable and easy to purchase as compared to other industrial valve designs.

Types of SS Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are mainly categorized into three categories,

  • Offset Design
  • Damper
  • Centric Design

Offset Design SS Butterfly Valves

The favourite and proven choice for commercial and industrial applications, high-performance SS Butterfly Valves are meant to handle the highest pressures and temperatures. In these types of valves, the stem doesn’t pass by the seat of this design. Instead, it passes through the middle line of the plate and needs pipe flange gaskets when fitted between pipe collars.

Centric Design DI Butterfly Valve

Centric Design DI Butterfly Valve commonly named Resilient-seated or centric Butterfly Valve. In these plugs, shaft is centreline on the Valve plate and the plate is centred in the valve bore. The rubber seat helps in achieving efficient sealing resulting in tight contact with the seal. This makes them perfect for pressure applications.

Double offset SS Butterfly Valve

 High-performance Double offset SS Butterfly Valve has a plate with two offsets. The plate is located in the middle of the pipe bore and designed to enhance the sealing ability and reduce valve wear. They are excellent for the system demanding higher pressure resistance.

Triple offset DI Butterfly Valve

The triple offset DI Butterfly Valve is used in complex services where strong performance under hard circumstances is needed. In these types of valves, the shaft is placed behind the offset and disc to one side providing a double-offset to the valve.

Ranjit Marketing’s Butterfly Valves are light weight, durable, and come with improved strength. Verified for their performance our DI butterfly valves are the first choice for commercial and industrial applications.