Application RRL Hose Pipe & Other Fire Fighting Hoses

RRL Hose Pipe

RRL Hose Pipe

Accessories of fire hose include hose hook, hose wrap, hose guard, rrl hose pipe, water separator, interface, etc.

1. Water belt cloth is employed to wrap the rrl hose pipe leaking place that is the necessary equipment on the fire truck. It consists of a metal clamp and a belt.

2. For hanging the rrl hose pipe on the truck hose hook is used. In the fire fighting truck, when the hose pipe is hanged vertically on the ladder or some other object hose hook is used to support it, reducing the drop water belt pressure, and this makes firefighters convenient to use the water gun to shoot the fire site with the high pressure of water to extinguish the fire. The hose hook is made of a metal hook, a half ring and canvas belt.

3 Protection bridge of water belt is used to shield the rrl hose pipe from passing the traffic road. It doesn’t hit the normal vehicle’s equipment. It has the features of pressure resistance, durability, easy packing and high strength.

4 There are multiple kinds of interfaces, like pipe interface, hose interface, profiled interface, threaded interface and reducer interface. It is utilised for connecting water jets and water belts, fire pumps, water guns fire hydrants, and other spraying devices. Depending on its structure, it is also divided into insert type, thread type and inner button type.

The goal of the five water separator is to divide two or more streams of water by one water flow; the next is to handle as a switch, and the water separator can be utilised to open or close the flow of water from the rrl hose pipe line without running to the water pump. Switching is done to reduce the time needed to open and close the water flow and to guarantee the supply of water in the fire. separator and four water separators.

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