Branch Pipe – SS Branch Pipe Trader

Ranjit Marketing is meeting their clients day to day needs with the trading and reselling for fire safety assortments, such as gm branch pipes, landing valves, extinguishers, air release valves, sluice valves, gate valves, hose pipes, fire brigade inlets and much more. All our offering are manufactured by top industry manufacturers offering out-of-the-box quality with top-notch service. They are manufactured under high standard quality. 

Gm branch pipes, landing valves and other fire fighting equipment offered by us are durable and cost-effective and traded by us at a promised time frame. You can trust the quality blindly traded and resold by us.

Gm branch pipes and SS branch pipe are utilized fo multiple washes down and jet spray applications. For connecting them you’ll need an instantaneous fire coupling with a hose to provide the supply of water. Depending on the use and demand of instantaneous inlets multiple sizes can be provided. The mainline outlet is an essential component of fire fighting appliances. They need to be light-weighted with high-performance quality and are accessible to regulate the high-pressure supply of water.

Fire gm branch pipe is used for a focused water spray from Fire landing valve on the fire. Female and male delivery hose couplings are attached to the fire hoses. There can be multiple uses of couplings. Many couplings can get connected to the hydrants to supply the water directly to the area where the fire has the outbreak and to extinguish it. 

In India, delivery hose couplings and fire gm branch pipe are made up to IS:903 standard of BIS. In fact, delivery hose couplings and fire branch pipe are constructed of gunmetal, aluminium and stainless steel across various spec requirements of the client.


  • CE certified and ISI Marked
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Gun Metal.
  • Instant type Male & Female Couplings
  • Castings are sound, free and clean from gross porosity.
  • Coupling washers are constructed of natural rubber.
  • The machined surface is within tolerance and is in accordance with IS: 903-1993
  • Plungers are of a self-locking type.

Fire gm branch pipes are the most important part of fire fighting system and need to be there when required. Visit Ranjit Marketing for better information.