Buy Best Quality SS Landing Valves

DM Landing Valve

SS landing valves are best for installation on the wet risers in the residential buildings and complexes to fight with unexpected fire breakout. Pressurized supply of water keeps them charged permanently. They are basically globe valves, located on hydrants with a branch and hose connected with the coupling.

In the hose reel system, pressure decreasing valve is employed to eliminate the pressure in the hose reel inlet for nominal working pressure. The operator should take extreme caution when using DM landing valves.

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SS landing valve is the crucial part of fire fighting hose system. It helps to control the pressure and flow of water when connected with the hose system in the fire fighting situations. You can simply rotate the axis or handle of DM lading valves anti-clockwise to activate the water flux in the fire safety system. You can benefit from our non-stop and top-notch supply of the SS landing valve with multiple different connectors.

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