Considerations For Single Plate Check Valve Applications

single plate check valve

single plate check valve

Single plate check valves are produced to enable movement of fluid in one direction. Its done in a manner that minimizes friction and restricts backflow. This results in minimum leakage.

A single plate check valve is utilized for different applications in multiple industries. Particular sorts of single platecheck valves can be employed for these purposes, which include tilting-disc check, swing check, ball check, Wye-pattern lift check valve, and tee-pattern lift check.

Additionally, other types of valves get influence by factors like flow velocity and gravity. Let’s learn you these factors effects industrial application.

Effect of flow velocity and gravity on the single plate check valve

The force of gravity has a vital role in ascertaining how well a single place check valve can work. Hence, both the orientation and location of these valves must be taken into account for your necessary application.

A single place check valve should be placed in a way that their position enables their circular plate to get closed freely by gravity. On the other hand, both ball and lift check valves must be located in a manner that the path of lift rests vertically.

The flow velocity of the concerned liquid passing by the pipe also has a notable impact. The size of the valve should be appropriate, enabling the liquid speed to keep the circular disc open, pushed against the stop. This will minimize disc fluttering, the primary cause of plug failure, and enable it to last long.

Adopting the suggested conditions

Following the manufacturer’s guide is always recommended, so that the necessary even run of the valve is rendered upstream of the dual plate check valve. Layout and space limitations may rarely not permit you to comply with these suggestions. In such circumstances, evaluate the options and implement the most feasible option.

Specific restrictions still exist. For example, swing check valves can solely be employed in the uphill run if the flow of the fluid is upward.

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