DM Landing Valve

A fire hydrant system consists of a water supply pipework and a dm landing valve to which fire brigades can connect their fire hoses to extinguish the uninvited fire. You can easily find them installed anywhere, like in large buildings, Tunnels, under public roads, Chemical plants, ship boards and offshore and onshore platforms etc.

DM landing valve and fire hydrant valve is quite similar irrespective of their installation place. They are designed in such a way to adapt minus temperature, robust environment, and can easily be operated in fire validated by fire testing regulation. In some installation varied pressure is required, so some of the valves are installed o control pressure of the outlet. There are multiple outlet connections available in special hydrant system.

In India, there are many pressurized mains are installed on roads or outside the complexes of building to be used by fire brigades at the time of fire breakouts. They are permanently connected to the main intervals used to connect fire hoses to the DM landing valve.

The tall buildings and complexes should be permanently connected with the rising main which is comprised of a vertical pipe with the connection to the brigade at multiple building levels. There are two kinds of rising mains:

Wet Riser

A pipe permanently filled with water to fight with unexpected fire and providing the water supply to the different levels of the building which a dm landing valve is provided to extinguish the fire with ease is known as a wet riser. It is compulsory for the building like skyscrapers which are too high for the dry riser to supply plenty of water. If the primary pressure is greater than maximum force operating pressure it is important to use pressure managing landing valves.

Dry Riser

These are dry riser to pull of water by the pumping from the pump through an inlet fitting fitted outside the building at the ground level. To enable the smooth flow of water, the air release valve is installed at the highest point of the riser to keep it always fully charged. Fire ss landing valves are installed at all the floors of the building making it easy for brigadiers to connect the hose for extinguishing the fire.

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