Everything You Need To Know About Servicing Fire Extinguisher

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Whether you are a homeowner, a commercial property owner, a school superintendent or a hospital manager, fire extinguisher is important fire fighting equipment to have on the premises. Most often, having extinguishers is not just encouraged, but needed by local fire codes & standards. Buying the relevant number of fire extinguishers from fire extinguishers supplier in Delhi is only half of what is required to protect your property and you from fire. For fire extinguishers to give you peace of mind and perform as expected, you must do regular fire extinguishers service. 

When the need for servicing of fire extinguisher occurs?

According to Ranjit Marketing, the best fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon, fire extinguishers need regular maintenance & service as different parts of the extinguisher demand inspection at regular intervals. Monthly, a skilled individual or someone who knows how to check fire extinguishers should examine that the extinguishers are accessible, easy to operate, installed in the right location, have clear and readable labels, are not damaged and have unaltered seals. These standards, monthly inspections need to be kept on record & include the initials of the individual that has performed the inspection.

How to inspect the Fire extinguisher?

As informed by the best fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi, fire extinguisher monthly inspections are different from annual inspections. Every month you require checking the following:

  • The fire extinguisher is charged & ready to operate.
  • There is a valid maintenance tag.
  • The extinguisher is installed at an easily accessible place.
  • It should be full.
  • The tamper seal is intact.
  • It should not have any signs of physical damage.

The annual inspection of the fire extinguisher is conducted by a professional and he will perform the following services:

  • Check the cylinder is at full pressure. If it is not at full pressure, then it gets hard to operate.
  • Check the labels are correct and legible. Incorrect labeling can cause damage by providing someone the wrong instruction of usage.
  • Check for any damages. Common damages include cracks, dents, leaks, missing pins, and corrosion. These defects may decrease the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher.
  • After purchasing a fire extinguisher from Ranjit Marketing, the best fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon, a monthly and annual servicing is required for the safety of big damages. Reach us for buying best and high-quality fire fighting equipment.