Functions & Types of Strainers

CI Y type strainer

CI Y type strainer

Strainers are used as a filter to separate solid particles from water or other fluid, flowing through a pipeline or a system. They can catch dirt and debris in the water which makes them useful in the plumbing situations. Plumbing elements generally include engines, valves, nozzles, and pumps which can get affected by the presence of big solid trash particles. There are mainly two types of strainers from which CI Y type strainers are used in the industries to strain debris. Strainers completely trap the grime & trash and save valuable equipment from harm.

Strainers are of various sizes and shapes, with their names produced in accordance with their formations. They are mainly made of copper and aluminum which makes them ideal for application with fluid and makes them corrosion resistant. The commonly employed strainers are Pot strainers and CI Y type strainer. Basket strainers are known as pot strainers. The functions of each strainer discussed below.

CI Y type strainer:

It is the most common type of strainers. As its name infers, it has a Y-shaped body, which guarantees that it renders low resistance to the fluid passage and leads to a low-pressure loss. This make CI T type strainer suitable for the purposes where the count solid particles to be filtered are less. This means it is less sensitive to get dirty and needs less cleaning. Hence, it is employed in pressurized pipelines, liquid, gas, and steam vacuum or suction situations.

Pot Strainers:  

Basket strainer or pot strainer is designed to ensure that no interference occurs in the operation while cleaning the mesh by adjusting the fluid flow to other strainers during the purification process. A system is in position to identify when the basket or first pot is full, so the fluid flow is redirected to the other strainer and free the first basket for cleaning by the operator. 

Some filters come fastened with ball valves. A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve, extremely durable and sturdy which sometimes makes them more useful than gate or globe valves. But, it can only be employed for on and off applications, and lack the managerial features other valves have. 

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