How a single door hose box safeguard hose reel?

single door hose box

Fire hose reel and single door hose box or double door hose box are a part of fire safety systems. Staying safe from fire is essential, it’s important that the fire safety equipment are installed in the easily accessible places, so they can easily be used at the time of fire eruption. For class A fires, fire extinguishers, and hose reels can be used, they need to be adequately fitted in the double door hose box to keep them safe from fire. Depending on the size of the fire and the features of the building, the location of the single door hose box needs to be confirmed. 

In a fire safety system, fire hose reels and double door fire hose boxes enable a building’s residents to involve in fire-safety aids. In the initial, or “developing,” stages of the fire, the encompassing air holds excess of oxygen to sustain it. Gas mixes with cool air and burning flame increase overall temperatures. The fire rests in a small area with flames lesser than roof height, and only some smoke is evident.

A fire begins to grow at a stage where the fire can travel across the ceiling. So, before it grows, the occupants of the building need to douse it at the initial stage, and this can easily be manageable if they are aware of the use of fire hose reel, which is fitted in the single door hose box. The high pressured water from the hose reel will help to extinguish the fire at its early stage.

Even a complete hose station can also be employed to extinguish the fire at its initial stage. People who are not experts in the usage of hose stations will face difficulty in the starting, but they are powerful enough to douse the fire. 

Fire hose reels need to be safeguarded from the uninvited fire to douse it; they need to be kept secured in double door hose boxes as these boxes are fireproofed and keep the hose reels safe from all types of damages. They are located in accessible areas in all the buildings commercial or residential, as fire can erupt anytime and anywhere.

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