How CI Foot Valve Regulates The Fluid Flow?

CI Foot Valve

CI foot valve is a necessary device that helps to hold the backward water flow into the sump. Most foot valves usually come outfitted with an inlet strainer. The strainer filters the water entered in it, preventing debris & trash in the water of the well from getting into the pipe and obstructing the valve, clogging it in the open position.

The need for CI Foot Valve

In the process involving pulling of water from ground level, or in pumping fluid up from the sumps on the ground to the water storages over the multi-storied buildings, powerful electronic pump motors are employed. These electronic motors normally work by generating a suction that pulls the water up with the help of the water pipe at the needed height, where it is collected or stored for further distribution. 

When an electronic pump is on, there is a constant water column in the pipe due to the suction. But, if the pump is switched off then the suction is gone. With nothing else to prevent the backward flow, the entire column of water would fall under the gravity, as the water runs down the pipe back into the main source. Once the fluid is gone from the pipe, space is taken place by the air.

CI foot valve is an excellent solution to the problem. It operates by blocking the backward water flow through the pipe when the water pump is switched off. Thus, the water column in the water supply pipe is maintained, and all the associated problems are resolved.

How CI Foot Valve function?

CI foot valve also identified as a GM check valve. Check valve is a one-way valve, that is, it opens in only one direction. It enables only a unidirectional flow and closes off when the direction of flow changes backward. 

Most CI foot valve is spring-loaded. So when the pulling power is removed, the springs in it pull it to shut tightly, making sure that the pipe is entirely sealed off, efficiently preventing any backward flow of water back into the ground well when the pump is switched off.

Thus, Ranjit Marketing’s traded CI foot valve restricts the reverse water flow from the electric motor back to the sump. This not only benefits in saving energy but also protects electric motors from damages. Therefore, a CI foot valve is a crucial part of all water pumping system.