How To Find The Right Location To Install Fire Hose Reels?

double door hose box

The location of fire hose reels in a single or double door hose box is governed by the Indian Standards, safety, & aesthetic considerations. Here is the guide to help you with some of the complexities you face at the time of installation. 

Hose reels are provided to the occupants of the building to take immediate action at the time of fire breakout. Being part of the fire fighting system, they give the occupants access to the unlimited water supply to extinguish fires and to protect themselves from the burning heat. They need to get installed at an easy to access area protected in a single door hose box.

Where hose reels should be installed?

  • Hose reels must be installed within 4m of an exit door protected in a double door hose box. Sometimes it is impossible to give the system coverage with fire hose reels fitted near exits, in such cases, it is permitted to install extra hose reels “in the way of exit”.
  • Generally, individual fire hose reels in a single door hose box are fitted in each story of the building. In few cases, a multi-story single-occupancy unit can be served by a sole hose reel fitted at the exit/entrance level.
  • Hose reels require to be marked with white letters on a red sign installed 2m or more above the floor. 
  • The hydrant valve and hose reel need to be located at an accessible and unobstructed area. The design needs to consider how the hose reel will be rolled out at the time of fire breakout and the height of the reel should be within standardized limits.
  • Hose reels require to be installed robustly. The mounting should support the force applied by the fire-fighter pulling the fire hose. External hose reels need to be guarded by a double door hose box.
  • If there is insufficient water pressure available a water storage tank or a pump needs to be located to boost the hydrant pressure.

Before installing fire hose reels one need to refer to this hose reel installation guide provided by Ranjit Marketing, the well-known trader and reseller of fire hose reels and single door and double door hose reel boxesWe resell and trade fire safety equipment to all our customers across India.