How to Use an RRL Hose Pipe For Fire Safety?

We couldn’t predict the sudden emulation of fire; you need to stay prepared beforehand for emergencies, especially in the case of uninvited fire. When the fire knocks the door, you need to know the use of fire fighting equipment. RRL Hose pipes is used to control sudden fire with the speedy supply of water.

How to operate an RRL Hose Pipe?

RRL Hose pipes are used for dousing small fire or initial stage fire. This type of fire is emulated by textiles, paper, plastics, cloth, wood and rubber. The hosepipe should only be employed to control an initial flame. It helps in minimising damage quickly by controlling small fire.

It should be kept in mind, before using an RRL hose pipe that it needs to be operated only to your primary defence. If the flame starts growing faster, evacuating the fire covered area immediately is required. If you are familiar with the usage of hose reel, using it is recommended as fire protection armour.

Ensuring that you and your staff both are trained in using fire protection equipment, you are minimising the risk of fire at your workplace. Fire-fighting equipment is not located in your building only for assessment but can also minimise the risk of fire damage. Regular inspection of the equipment will save you from the huge damage risk.

Before the usage of an RRL Hose Pipe

Alert the crowd near you.

Activate the fire alarm.

Call the fire brigade on 111.

Alert the appointed Fire Warden.

Validate the fuel of the fire flame (if it is not a class A fire, do not use a hose reel).

While using an RRL Hose Pipe

Make sure you are at a safe distance and are standing near the exit.

Validate that the end of the reel is in the closed position.

Turn on the valve.

Reel out the whole length of the hose.

Turn on the nozzle to allow water flow.

Aim the stream of the water on the base of the fire from the safest distance.

Take precautions if controlling the fire is not in your hand, evacuate the place immediately.

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