How To Use Fire Extinguisher At Work?

The common emergency a small business must plan for is the emulation of sudden fire. Extinguisher can be a life-saving weapon to douse the initial fire at the workplace or to shield evacuation paths in the event of a huge fire. All businesses should protect their workplace by getting extinguisher installed from the best fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi.

All the businesses must train their employees with the use of fire safety equipment and the way of accurately assess a situation and predict the evacuation way is safe to escape. Employees should get trained with the use of fire extinguisher, annually. Even Ranjit Marketing, the fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi also supports this practice.

The training technique hired to train employees the use of fire extinguisher is the P.A.S.S (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) method:

  • Pull the extinguisher’s pin.
  • Aim the hose nozzle toward the fire.
  • Squeeze the arm to discharge the extinguishing agent.
  • Sweep the nozzle side to side on the flame until extinguished.

Only learning the use of fire extinguisher is not the end, employees should also get trained to adhere to the mentioned protocols: 

  • At the time of the fire, sound the fire alarm or call fire-fighters.
  • Check the evacuation routes are free from fire, smoke and any type of blockage.
  • PASS technique should be practised to control sudden fire.
  • If the fire is high, evacuate the place immediately.

Fire extinguishers are only meant for controlling the initial stage and a small fire. If the flame turns high, one needs to vacant the place fast to stay safe from big damage. If the things are not in control, employees should follow the evacuation procedure immediately and do not try to fight with fire with the fire extinguisher.

-The fire turns high

 The fire includes flammable solvents, so it is recommended to partially hide behind a wall or ceiling as fire cannot reach a standing position.

-The environment turned hot and smoky

The heat from the fire can easily be felt, visibility also becomes poor. It is recommended to crawl on the floor to avoid the smoke and heat occurred from fire.

-Evacuation paths are blocked 

The heat, smoke and flames from the fire can block the evacuation routes.

Ranjit Marketing, the best supplier fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi helps all the business to stay safe from uninvited fire.