How To Use Single Door Hose Box & Double Door Hose Box To Extinguish The Fire?

single door hose box

single door hose box

The initial fires are doused with the use of fire extinguisher and hose reels fitted in the single door hose box or double door hose box. They help in minimizing the fire and the damage caused by the uninvited fire.

 The most important firefighting equipment, fire hose reels fitted in double door hose box, is used to supply continuous water to the building to douse the fire. They are necessary to be installed in every building and every commercial complex to make them stay safe from the fires. They are used to extinguish class A fires such as cloth, wood, paper, etc.

Fire hose reels fitted in double door hose box are classified into two categories:

Swing Arm Fire Hose Reel:

They are big round wall mounted hose reels mounted on the wall on a huge hinge, and the entire reel is assembled on the cabinet of fire hose reel or inside the single door hose box. The benefit to this hose reel is the time at which it is required in an emergency situation; the hinge allows the complete reel to be swing out, and the hose can be removed immediately to douse the fire.

Fixed Wall Mounted Fire Hose Reel:

They are commonly found in UAE. It’s connected to a predefined area lastingly and is connected to the existing main water supply. It is important to keep the wall space free of messiness on both the side so the hose reel can move freely in the emergency fire outbreak.

  • Ensure that you are in a safe way from the fire and closer to the path of exit.
  • Breaking to anti-tempered seal is required if the hose is fitted.
  • Nozzle needs to be in the shut position, check it.
  • Put on the supply of water at the valve.
  • Set the hose from an adequate distance of the fire.
  • Put on the nozzle to start the water supply.
  • Target the areas where there is fire to get extinguished.

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