Know More About The Importance Of Hose Reel Drum

Hose reel drums

Hose reel drums

Hose reel drums are a circular axis constructed of either fibreglass, plastic or metal and are utilized to put hose reel. Depending on the installation of hose reel drums, they are available in varied sizes. Basically, a hose reel is a rubber pipe, which is used to transfer water from one place to another. Both in a pair, hose reel and hose reel drums are mandatory to be installed in every construction.

A hose reel pipe is the best and instant equipment to be used to fight initial stage fire. It is generally the first piece, which is used by the common public or an expert to attack the early-stage fires. They are installed in hose reel drums outside the building or near an accessible area.

Hose reels are important to douse Class A fires (wood, plastic, rubber, textiles and paper). They should not be employed in extinguishing the electrical fires.

Usage of Hose Reel Drum

Hose reel drum is appointed to hold hose reel pipe to douse young stage fires. It can be of two types, fixed and portable. Basically, they are attached in fire extinguisher trucks, if we talk about them being portable. Connected with the main water supply, they provide a sufficient amount of water to douse Class A fires.

Usage of Hose Pipes

Hose Pipes are employed in multiple places, these include:

  • To water garden and plants, a garden hose is used.
  • To water crops in agriculture tough hose is employed.
  • Air hoses are utilized to remove air from air tanks.
  • To move water around the building plastic or metal hose are employed.
  • Automotive hoses are employed in vehicles to move fluids around for use in lubrication, cooling and hydraulics.
  • To move liquids in high pressure, hose pipes are used.

Apart from the above-listed use, hose reel drum and hose reel pipe are mainly used to douse the fire in factories, buildings and other places. They are necessary for every field as they are a major piece of attack to douse with at its initial stage.

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