Name a few fire fighting equipment

As fires can easily break out in residential and commercial buildings, the fire fighting system has appeared as the vital system that has to be located right at the starting of the building. All the important equipment for fire safety like hose reels, extinguishers, SS branch pipe, landing valves, etc needs to be used at the time of fire breakout to extinguish the fire. It is the only way to protect human life and property damages. The fire safety system normally consists of three primary parts:

1. Storage: A big pool of water tank needs to stay filled with water all the time.

2. A specific pumping system, including an adequate chain of GM branch pipe with hydrants.

3. Sprinklers to release the saved water immediately at the time of fire eruption. 

The mandatory fire equipment which people need to stay informed about are –

1. GM Branch Pipe

GM Branch pipe connection fittings are connections that provide an exit from a bigger pipe to a shorter one. The main tube onto which the branch connection welded is usually called the header or run size. The SS branch pipe is use for fighting with the fire of enclosed shaft fire or ship fire.

2. Sprinkler

A sprinkler system is an effective fire protection system, comprising of a supply of water, providing sufficient flow rate and pressure to a water circulation piping system, with which fire sprinklers are attached. Although they are only used in big commercial buildings and factories, systems for small buildings and homes are now available at a reasonable price.

3. Hydrant Valve

A fire hydrant allows the flow of water from a mains water supply with the control of a valve to douse the fire. The hydrants help in the passage of fire suppressing agents and are connected with the hose connectors.

4. Hose Reel 

RRL Hose reels are used to fight with sudden fires. They are the first equipment to be used when there is a fire break out in any commercial or residential building. The hose reels are connected with SS branch pipes to suppress fire by providing the required flow. It is designed to use by the normal public at the time of fire eruption to avoid the severe damages.

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