Protect fire hose reel in the double door hose box

Fire is an uninvited guest that can knock your door any day at any time. You need to stay prepared to fight with the eventual fire breakouts. Many big complexes and buildings need to stay prepared to douse the fire at the initial stage and this can only be possible if they are equipped with necessary firefighting equipment, like fire extinguishers, fire hose reel guarded in the double door hose box, immediate water supply from landing valves and much more.

The most important equipment to douse eventual fire immediately is hose reel. The hose reel is fitted in the accessible area where it can easily be reached by the building people or the firefighters protected in the double door hose box.

Double door hose box safe-guard the fire hose reel from inadequate breakouts, so they can be used for long with no breakage. Fire hose reel system consists of different elements and hose reel being the most necessary part of it. 

They are located in the strategic places in the complexes and the buildings to offer a reasonably controlled and accessible supply of water for extinguishing the fire. The hose reel system consists of pipes, pump, water supply mindfully located in a building ensuring the full coverage to combat fire. The hose reel system is manually activated and operated by opening a valve allowing the water to flow into the hose that is mainly 30 meters away. As soon as the fire break out the hose is positioned directly to the fire from the safer distance allowing the water to put off the fire immediately. Firefighters get immediate help from it.

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