Use GM Check Valve And CI Non Return Valves For Restricting The Backflow Of Water

CI non return valve

CI non return valve

Both GM check valve and CI non return valve are used for the same purpose, i.e., to prevent the water from backflow. Though their job is the same, they are not same. Let’s discuss both in detail.

GM Check valves

GM check valve is a standardized device used in water-pumping systems to regulate the flow of the water in the same direction and enables the free flow of water in the reverse direction. Like other valves, they don’t need opening and closing assistance. They even work in the absence of air and electricity. The basic types of GM check valves are:

  • Lift type
  • Ball-type
  • Piston type
  • Swing type
    • Tilting disk
    • Top hinged
  • Stop Check valve
  • Dual plate check valve type

CI Non-return valves

CI non return valve is a valve used to assure that the water flows in the appropriate direction, where the flow may get reversed by the pressure condition. CI Non return valves work manually. Most popular varieties of non return valves are:

  • Clapper type non-return valves
  • Spring-loaded non-return valves

Difference between CI Non-return valve and GM Check valves

Many people think that both the valves are the same but actually, they are not. GM Check valves restrict the backflow of water in defined conditions, and it has to fit very strict standards to ensure water is not able to go back into the systems. Whereas CI non return valves need not meet the strict guidelines as check valves. 

Applications of non return valve & check valve

Non return valves and check valves are commonly utilized in water-pumping systems & pumping stations. Other purposes include:

  • Portable water management
  • Wastewater management
  • Irrigation
  • Food and beverage
  • Mining 
  • Oil and gas
  • Power plant
  • Pharmaceutical

Both non-return valves and check valves help:

  • Prevent contamination due to reverse flow
  • Guard equipment downstream from backflow damage
  • Keep a vacuum seal
  • Prevent siphoning

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