What Are The Different Sorts Of SS Branch Pipes And RRL Hose Pipes?

CI Foot Valve

SS Branch Pipe

SS branch pipe is a specific type of nozzle used by firefighters to douse the fire. Firefighters attach the GM branch pipe to the end of an RRL hose pipe which can be adjusted by hand to shape, regulate and direct the water flow or fire safety agents.

There is a wide variety of SS branch pipes are available and are used by the firefighters to control the fire and each of their usages depends on the fire danger situation and its surroundings.

Multi-purpose Pistol grip 

The multi-purpose pistol grip gm branch pipe has a rotating element that sets the splash mode. When the fighters rotate it to a single side the outlet produces a splash. When turning to the end, the vent produces a water veil that protects the person handling the nozzle from the heat of the fire.

Jet spray SS branch pipe

Its a hand control GM branch pipe also identified as the London diffuser ss branch pipe is outfitted with an adjusting handle. Pushing the handle will create fog, jet, spray, & shut off.

Diffuser pipe

There are multiple nozzles fitted on the ball-shaped head pipe. The head rotates during the water passage. This forms a rotating spray at various angles.

Fire Hoses

RRL hose pipe protected in a single door hose box is a lengthy pipe constructed of synthetic fibers that carry a fire retardant towards the fire hazard face to the purpose of dousing it and can resist high pressure throughout the process of suppression. Hose pipe diameter is the most significant factor in discovering the volume of water transferred and its specific purpose of the application.

There are two variants of hose pipes.

Supply hose

Supply line hoses are movable supply hoses that are equipped with a large diameter employed for carrying water from a distant source to the fire pump or from one pump to another. The supply hoses come between 3”- 6” diameters and work at the pressures up to 300 psi to 200 psi, depending on the area size.

Booster reel hose

A booster reel hose is fixed to a rotating reel and gets pre-connected to a water supply. It’s employed to extinguish small fires and constructed to operate at 800psi pressures. It’s round-shaped and flexible and built of thick rubber. 

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