What Are The Types Of Plumbing Valves?

CI Sluice Valve

CI Sluice Valve

There are different types of plumbing valves used to control the flow of water in a building. The pros & cons of each type are discussed below. 

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves comprise a disc with an equal and diameter of the inside pipe. This disc is attached to a lever arm that turns the disc and adjusts the water flow. The drawback of the valve is that the control disc is always present in the flow of water so there will be a drop in pressure when using them.  

Butterfly valves provide accurate flow control. They basically depend on a gasket to render a full seal, which can also become a maintenance issue.

CI Sluice Valve

CI Sluice Valve works strictly to either begin or end the flow. Knife gate, slide gate, and sluice gate are used reciprocally in the wastewater and water control industry. They are produced to control fluid flow through a pipe. It works by lifting or lowering the wedge that obstructs flow.

GM Check Valve

GM Check valves keep the flow of water in only one direction. They are usually not operational. A reverse flow preventer is known as a check valve. A ball check valve employs a ball to obstruct water flow in the wrong direction. 

Gate Valve

Gate valves regulate the flow of water by lifting or dropping the gate, which is usually a piece of metal. There is a knob or wheel at the head of the valve that manages the height of it – this, in turn, influences the water flow. Unfortunately, the knob doesn’t give any sign of a valve opening or closing position.

GM Gate valves provide a flexible seal, but they shouldn’t be employed to alter the flow – they need to be open or closed. Gate valves are not durable and sensitive to corrosion, which will make the valve get fastened in the open or closed state. But Ranjit Marketing GM Gate valves are of standard quality.

Globe Valve

Globe valves are employed to limit or throttle the water flow. They consist of a stopper that is lifted and dropped by a knob or wheel on a shaft. They are utilized in conditions where the water flow needs to be modified regularly.

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