What is the difference between Hydrant valve & SS Landing Valve?

DM Landing Valve

DM Landing valves are used to extinguish fires and are fitted on building’s risers. These are generally installed in staircase landings, enabling smooth access to firefighters. Fire hydrant system is composed of water supply valves and pipework, which is connected to the fire brigade’s hose for fighting with the fire. Hose pipe and hose reel drum are also useful in fighting indoor fires. The designs of the valves, hydrant, and landing are the same, but the only difference is the place they are installed. Control Valves is a valve used for controlling the water flow by changing the size of the flow directed by the sign from the controller. 

The significant difference between Hydrant valve and SS Landing valve are-

Hydrant Valves

Hydrant valves are used for fighting with large fires. They enable firefighters to douse the fire from an adequate distance. The most important part of the hydrant system is the pumping facility. The primary advantage of the pump is to draw the fluid from the tank & supply with equal pressure to the hydrant positions allowing fire-fighters to douse the fire completely. In order to operate and connect fire safety equipment with a hydrant valve, the rating of pressure must be 100 psi. But, it changes depending on the area of the construction. In large industries, the pressure of the hydrants might range between 10-11 kg/cm2, while in small industries or complexes, it might be around 4-5 kg/cm2.  

SS Landing Valve

SS & DM Landing valves are always charged with a pressurized supply of water. In other words, landing valves are globe valves, fixed on hydrants. Also, a branch or a hose are attached with a coupling on it. They are installed on each floor of the building, where the installation of the hydrant valve is impossible and are employed by firefighters to douse the fire. The average pressure of the valve is nearby 65 psi. In order to hold the low working of pressure at the inlet of the hose reel, a pressure decreasing valve is used in the hose system. 

Flexible hoses and fire sprinklers can be useful in fighting tiny fires. Fire sprinklers release water when the impact of the fire or comprehensive heat is identified and is useful in the initial stage of the fire.

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