When To Use Fire Extinguisher By Fire Extinguisher Supplier In Delhi?

fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon

fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon

Hopefully, you might have not faced a surprising fire attack and never got a need to learn the use of the fire extinguisher. Ranjit Marketing, the fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi, knows that uninvited fires can lead to huge loss and damage and you should stay prepared for all the consequences coming your way. So, it’s highly advisable to learn the use of fire extinguisher to douse the fire at the initial stage because big fires are hard to extinguish after a few minutes.

So, to make you learn about the use of fire extinguisher, we the best fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon have created this article. This article will provide you with the guidance of when to use the fire extinguisher. Instead of only employing safety, learning the use is also important.

Let’s discuss it!

When to Use a Fire Extinguisher

What first comes to your mind, when you think about the steps to douse the fire? Take your time and think about it.

Did you think of, “I should use a fire extinguisher or run for safety?” If this thought doesn’t come to your mind, then you have overlooked the most important point of all the steps.

According to the fire extinguisher supplier in Delhi, if you got stuck in the fire, there may be the time when you should run for safety, fighting with fire may increase the chances of getting your life in danger with the other’s life.

Consider this list below to fight against the fire and only say “yes” to fight against the fire when you have all the items listed below.

  • Is the fire being at its initial stage, is it small to be put out easily by an individual?
  • Do you have the fire extinguisher within your reach?
  • Is the type of fire to be doused is the same as the type of fire extinguisher available with you?
  • Is the fire extinguisher large enough and fully charged to put out the fire?
  • Have you received training for the use of fire extinguishers?
  • Are you sure that you are not putting others’ lives in danger when using a fire extinguisher?

Don’t attempt to put yours and others’ lives in danger if you don’t incorporate all the above-listed steps in you. If you are sure about using the fire extinguisher, then only come forward and take the step to extinguish the fire. For better safety prefer buying Ranjit Marketing’s, the best fire extinguisher supplier in Gurgaon, traded fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment