Why A Dual Plate Check Valve Is Required For Natural Gas?

dual plate check valve

dual plate check valve

Whether it’s for a natural gas pipeline, an LNG plant or offshore production platform, compressors are discovered and employed all across the oil and gas industry. By increasing the pressure of the gas, compressors are utilised to transport and liquefy gas from one location or process to another. In the past, the gas turbine was driving these pressures mechanically. Cryogenic engineering is the lead of new compressor power and design with the application of a dual plate check valve.


The answer to the successful movement and processing of gases arrives down to the prosperous production of complex compressor machinery and parts. Compressors are used in everything from business to personal activities, also to large-scale industrial application cases.

The elements, which make up these dual plate check valve & single plate check valve compressors are utilised to supply different types of gases at an increased amount of pressure.


Natural gas is known as the positive source of energy for environmental and economic reasons. Because of the reason, its use of gas is growing at the fastest pace. This is also the reason for the growth of the LNG market.

Their usage

A cryogenic dual plate check valve & its metallic elements are crucial to the supply chain of liquid natural gas. The individual purpose of the valves is to regulate fluids or gases in a particular direction and stop any possibility of reversal. This is necessary because LNG is estimated to be a more reliable fuel option, the irregular containing its vapours can pretend a potential hazard.


Backflow prevention is mandatory in almost all of the piping system. Most pipelines employ single plate check valve technology pumps or compressors to create enough tension for the flow of fluids and gases. When the material is not running, flow reversal or backflow may occur, depending on the downstream pressures.


To address a few of these problems, the industry offered an alternative solution-check valve solution. Solutions like the highly engineered dual plate check valve incorporate all of the features and advantages sought after in the check valve solution while instantly countering & addressing the problems.

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