Why One Should Choose A Single Plate And Double Plate Check Valve Over Other Valves?

double plate check valve

double plate check valve

Single plate or double plate check valves are also known as one-way, non-return and clank valves. They are different from other valves with the feature of passing water solely in a single direction. This trait of the valve is utilized in many industrial and commercial applications, especially to restrict the overflow of the fluid.

What is the function of the check valve?

Working on a two-port arrangement, double or single plate check valves have a possibility of an opening where gas or fluid is drawn into the first port. It is then controlled by a mechanism dividing the two ports that enables water to be moved from the first port to the second port and then out an opening without letting liquids to return the first port.

Why Employ a Single Plate Check Valve Instead of Others?

With the increasing demands of industry for the single and double plate check valve and another type of check valves for application to transport gas or fluid over different, lengths, landscapes and temperature, they can provide a number of benefits.

  • The ball check valve is best for use in moving waters because it doesn’t have a good airtight sealing feature.
  • The swing check valve can wear out early due to the strength exerted when fastening the valve. As a result, multiple swing check valves arrive with a feature of non-slam that controls how the valve shuts.
  • The swing check valve often features a higher pressure drop than over other types.
  • The disc check valve is less expensive than other standard valves and even are lighter in weight and smaller in size. They can easily be installed in the location and position including vertical pipeline.
  • The disc check valve does not work well for utilization where there is a heavily vibrating flow.
  • The split disc check valve is utilized when the pressure and size drop of disc and swing check valve is too great & limit functionality.
  • The split disc check valve is advantageous in applying that demand big check valves, lower operating pressures, low-pressure drops, or for utilization that need check valve fitted in any position, even upward pipes.
  • Due to their sleek small design and comparatively little production cost, the wafer valve has become the valve everyone uses for multiple applications.

The single plate check valve has its own features and functions that make is stand out from other valves. Buy the best quality firefighting and industrial valves from Ranjit Marketing.